The  Nail Technology Program At ANLI Academy

Why Should I Become A Nail Technician?


A Flexible Career:  A career as a Nail Technician is very flexible.  Create your schedule so that you only work on the days that are right for you.  Adjust your income by the amount of time that you work.


A Creative Career:  If you have a keen fashion sense and artistic talent, the many clients who ask for specialty nails -nail art- will present fulfilling opportunities to express yourself.  At ANLI Academy, we will train you in basic nail art techniques.  


An Interesting Career:  Each day you will meet people from interesting walks of life.  Think of all you will learn and share as you apply the latest innovative trends with new products that are in fashion.


An Entrepreneurial Career:  Three out of ten Nail Technicians classify themselves as being self-employed.  Your professional growth potential is limited only by your imagination.  If you prefer to work as an independent contractor or open your own business, the nail industry is a great option.  


A Satisfying Career:  With each client who leaves your care feeling great about how they look, you will experience the satisfaction that comes from knowing you have made a positive difference in their lives.

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