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Do you offer career placement assistance?


ANLI Acadmy cannot guarantee employment; however, placement assistance will be provided to those who complete the program of study and meet the Academy's graduation requirements.  We have been approached by many companies that our looking to hire our graduates.  We have multiple employers posted on the Academy bulletin board.



Do you offer Financial Aid?


The Federal government requires academies to be established for a minimum of one year before they can apply for national accreditation and the right to offer financial aid.   We do offer financing at very competitive rates comparable to a public or private student loan.  The Admissions Office will work with you to identify independent sources for grants, scholarships, and other funding options. 



I cannot come up with the entire tuition right away.  Do you offer payment plans?


Yes we do.  Click here to learn about ANLI Academy's payment plans.



What is a typical day like at your Academy?


Some days will consist of classroom learning followed by hands-on demonstration.  Other days will feature video learning and/or working on actual clients.  Our class sizes are small so you will develop valuable personal relationships with instructors and fellow students.



What if I cannot complete the program?  Is there a refund policy?


Yes there is.  If you decide within three days of signing the enrollment agreement that you wish to withdraw, you can receive a full refund.  If you decide before classes start that you wish to withdraw, we will refund the entire amount paid less the $50 registration fee which is non-refundable.  After starting classes up to 25% of the program completed, the Academy retains 25% of the tuition.  Between 25% and 50%, the Academy retains 50%.   Between 50% and 75%, the Academy retains 75%.  No refunds will be issued if over 75% of the program is completed.



Do I need a High School diploma?


Rhode Island requires a high school diploma or GED as part of the licensing process.  Students at ANLI Academy may take classes provided they are enrolled in high school or a GED program.  Students will not be allowed to graduate from ANLI Academy if they do not have a high school diploma or a GED since it adversely affects our reporting of job placement after graduation.



I need additional hours so that I can transfer my current Manicurist license from another state.  Can I take a shorter course?


Yes you can.  We offer shorter courses for licensed Manicurists looking to transfer their Manicurist licenses to Rhode Island from another state.  Please contact us for specifics as each state has varying requirements.



Some of my family members and friends would like to tour ANLI Academy.  Can we set up a tour?


Absolutely!  We encourage everyone to see the quality facilities, meet the faculty, and get all questions answered.  Please click here to request a tour.


How does the student salon work? 

The student salon is open to the general public and is operated by students under the supervision of a licensed instructor. They have successfully mastered techniques in the practical lab after practicing on other students, family, and friends.  The Academy receives the revenue from the services provided, but the students are allowed to keep any gratuities.


What is the recommended gratuity in the student salon?

The recommended tip is 15-20% of the total bill.  Our student salon prices are lower than what you customarily find in a typical nail salon offering these services.


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